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North Broadway United Methodist Church
48 E North Broadway, Room 111
Columbus, OH 4321

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Your Career in “Real Time”

Monday, Dec. 18 at 9:30 a.m. 
You are either over qualified or under qualified and your search for a new job continues.  Where will you find the perfect fit?  All evaluations of “over” and “under” are made in the realm of “linear” time.  What if you were evaluated in the realm of “real time”?  How can you tell and what should you do totally “different” in your search today?  Join Mr. Wentz for this very different way to think about your career.
Mr. Wentz is a Performance Consultant for companies and organizations of all kinds. He helps individuals and organizations translate intentions into reality.  According to Mr. Wentz, “converting a plan into action is a Management assignment. Translating a Vision into reality is a Leadership assignment.”
Mr. Wentz is the author of two books in which he describes a unique process for transforming the behavior and performance of any organization.  He developed this unique approach while actually helping organizations with the transformational issues of the new business environment.  Mr. Wentz successfully facilitated the transformation of companies to achieve Mass Customization.

Get Started and Never Stop – basic networking for beginners. 1 hour Free to members; $15 for non-members

LinkedIn: Ask the Expert
Ask any question of Katie Swinehart with the Social Media Project. It doesn’t matter how basic or advanced the questions are. 2 hours Free to members; $25 for non-members

LinkedIn: Profile Review
A great opportunity to have an expert bring up your profile on the screen and make suggestions on how to improve it. If you don’t have a profile, feel free to come and listen. 2 hours Free to members; $25 for non-members

Resume Boot Camp
A great opportunity to have an expert look over your resume and make suggestions. Bring your resume on a flash drive and paper copies for other participants. Sharon Hamersley, The Resume Coach, is the facilitator. 2 hours Free to members; $25 for non-members

Company Research Step-by-Step
How to do research online. Steve Ulrich, Your Complete Web Presence, also sends you more information after the class. 2 hours Free to members; $25 for non-members

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