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By Linda O’Horo, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Career Transition Institute

I joined Forty Plus of Central Ohio (our former name) more than four years ago when I was searching for my previous job. As a public relations and corporate communications professional I thought I knew how to effectively sell myself. But I had been searching for months, and not closing the deal during interviews. After I started taking the classes and workshops I realized that I was not focusing my search efforts. I was “shot gunning” — sending applications out for all types of positions. I needed to focus on positions¬† that were the closest fit with my skill set and desired work.

Then, I realized that I was not demonstrating results of work I had successfully performed. Once I learned how to look objectively at myself and think about my experience, I realized that I had not been demonstrating the benefits I could provide as an employee. I made my resume and cover letters more results-oriented. I also identified talents I needed to add to my resume.

Then, I realized that I needed to NETWORK, and took advantage of the many networking opportunities provided through membership in our organization. Sending applications into the black hole of internet-based recruiting is a frustrating task. You have to create those darn profiles. And sometimes you are lucky to hear back at all.

Finally, I realized that the camaraderie and support I received from other active members and involved volunteers provided an intangible benefit that was extremely helpful to me. I felt I was not alone, after months of feeling frustrated and isolated.

If you want to “cut to the chase” and search effectively for your next professional position, I recommend that you make a valuable, cost-effective investment and join Career Transition Institute. Although we have a new name, our organization has helped thousands of Central Ohioans land good professional positions during the past thirty years. And this tried-and-true training program continues to evolve to best meet the needs of our membership as the market shifts. I also urge our alumni to re-join if they are again in transition.