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Our members include professionals with all types and levels of expertise.

Here are profiles for our current members seeking professional opportunities:

Professional Category: Administrative, Information Technology

Subtitle: Project Management

Member Information: I started out in Information Technology and worked my way up to managing projects of varying complexity and effect, occasionally crossing departments. Project management requires people, communication and organizational skills.

Administratively, I created and implemented a filing/check-out system for the programs in our department to reduce redundant work and make sure changes did not get left out of a newer version of the program.

Another major undertaking was creating and maintaining a test system to make testing changes to programs easier.

Member First Name: Shelley

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Professional Category: Consulting, Education/Training, Human Resources

Subtitle: Organizational Development

Member Information: Experienced manager, organizational development specialist, leadership development coach, facilitator, and trainer recognized for empathetic listening, a results focus, adapting to individual and team needs, customizing interactive and innovative training, and delivering first-class facilitation.

I have been facilitating Senn Delaney culture-shaping seminars and designing and developing change-management, team-building, and leadership development reinforcement/application workshops for Hertz Global Holdings for the last four years. I am seeking a new role with a broader scope of Organizational Development responsibilities.

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Professional Category: Finance/Accounting, General/Management

Subtitle: Finance/Operations

Member Information: Pursuing a Business Manager type position where my accounting background can combine with my operations experience to help a small to medium size company exceed their goals.

Member First Name: Joe

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Professional Category: Information Technology


Member Information: Larry is a highly accomplished and results-driven Project Management (PM) professional with extensive experience managing enterprise-level Waterfall and Agile technology projects (valued at more than $60M USD) for a national user base. Larry’s approach is to assess stakeholders’ vision for each project, validate scope, resources, and timeframes, engage internal and external stakeholders and harness resources to deliver immediate, outstanding results for clients.

Larry’s multi-dimensional approach enables senior stakeholders to view the current level of progress on the macro level and drill down to a more granular level. With a common picture and constant communications about the next phase of activity, all parties are clear on the timeline and current tasks to be completed in both the short and long term timeframe.

Member First Name: Larry

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Professional Category: Information Technology

Subtitle: Information Technologist

Member Information: Information Technologist focused on solving your operational issues through advanced technologies. Strong orientation toward process improvement thru database design and programing for efficiency. Manage all technology issues from networking to staff assistance using workstations and laptops.

I believe in helping others work smarter, not harder. I explain complex issues with clear language in support of creative problem solving and increased productivity. I demonstrate how to plan and make things better, while constantly adding to my own knowledge base for the future.

Member First Name: Philip

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