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Location for Monday Morning Speakers:

North Broadway United Methodist Church

48 E North Broadway
Columbus, OH 4321

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Finding the right room:

  1. Enter the main glass double doors from the parking lot and turn left.
  2. Push the intercom button on the wall to the right of the doors and tell the person you are there for Career Transition Institute (or CTI) and they will buzz you in. 
  3. Continue up the ramp to the end of the hall. *
  4. Take the elevator on the left down one floor to the Ground floor, “★G”.
  5. Take two rights into the doorway with “The Studio” painted on the wall to the right.

Your Job Search from a Recruiter’s Perspective

Bob Molter
Monday, June 17 at 9:30 a.m.
Discover what REALLY happens when you submit your resume to job posting…it’s probably not what you think. Learn techniques you can use immediately to improve your chances of landing an interview. Find out what goes on “behind the curtain!”
See your job search from the viewpoint of the people who manage the beginning of the hiring process. Learn how recruiters behave in performing their job so you can leverage that behavior.
Bob Molter has been recruiting technology professionals in Columbus for over 30 years, both as an in-house and third-party recruiter. Bob is a member of the Human Resource Association of Central Ohio (HRACO) leading the Veteran’s initiative and a member of the Expert Resume Review team.

Get Started and Never Stop – basic networking for beginners. 1 hour Free to members; $15 for non-members LinkedIn: Ask the ExpertResume Boot Camp
A great opportunity to have an expert look over your resume and make suggestions. Bring your resume on a flash drive and paper copies for other participants. Sharon Hamersley, The Resume Coach, is the facilitator. 2 hours Free to members; $25 for non-members

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